Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stamped Embroidery Kits & Customer Gallery

Stamped Cross Stitch Kits for Baby

You'll find a nice selection of stamped cross stitch kits for baby in the Embroidery Kits section of the store. Our newest addition is the Bears for Baby Stamped Embroidery Quilt Kit from the Dimensions Baby Hugs collection. Soft pastel colors are used to create these adorable bears. Each of the 9 bears has it's own unique pose and personality!

These stamped embroidery kits include a pre-finished poly/cotton baby quilt, cotton embroidery floss, needle, and instructions. The design is pre-stamped on the quilt and ready for you to embroider.

Make sure to see the matching Bears for Baby Stamped Baby Bibs Kit. If you're new to stamped cross stitch, you may want to give baby bibs a try. The small size makes them an ideal embroidery starter kit for beginners.

Your kit will include 2 pre-finished bibs, floss, needle, and instructions. You'll need to have an embroidery hoop and scissors on hand to complete your embroidery project. Your finished bibs will be a thoughtful handmade gift for baby!

Customer Gallery

Cecilia Gutierrez-Victory purchased the Lullaby Friends Stamped Cross Stitch Kit at Weekend Kits and sent me photos of her finished baby quilt. You can see that Cecilia is a very talented embroiderer!

Her fine detailed needle work is exceptional. The result is a beautiful keepsake quilt that will be enjoyed throughout the years. It truly is a work of art! My thanks to Cecilia for sharing her project.

If you've finished one of our kits, we'd love to share it here! Visit the Contact Us page at Weekend Kits to send in your photos.

Beginner Embroidery Kits for Kids

There are 3 new beginner embroidery kits in the Kid's Craft Kits section of the store. These complete embroidery kits include everything you need to complete the embroidery project. Each kit includes three stamped embroidery designs, an embroidery hoop, floss, needle, and instructions.

Beginner Embroidery Kit - Garden Friends

Beginner embroidery kits are ideal for teaching beginners and children 8 years and above how to embroider. Kids will learn a basic running stitch and use it to embroider the pre-stamped designs.

When embroidering is complete, an optional finishing step includes using crayons to color in the designs as shown on the cover. Your child's embroidery work will be ready to be framed!

This kit is also available in Outdoor Fun and Huggable Animals themed pattern collections. Learning new skills builds confidence and beginner kits make it so easy to get started!

Explore a variety of creative craft categories at Weekend Kits and be ready to start a new project on your next Weekend at Home.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Cuddly Quilt Kits - Easy Quilts for Baby & Children

We're adding to our selection of Cuddly Quilt Kits, with all new easy quilt patterns for baby and young children. You'll find them in the Quilt Kits section of the store.

We have 2 quilt designs to share with you today. These baby quilt kits include all the fabric you need to complete the quilting project. Each kit includes a coordinated collection of baby and kid themed fabrics, including premium cotton, soft flannel, and textured plush.

The Fun in the Sun Cuddly Quilt Kit is a bright collection of fabrics, featuring yellow ducks out for swim. The textured yellow plush material is ultra soft to the touch.

Each Cuddly Quilt Kit includes step-by-step instructions. The finished size of the quilt will be 30" x 36".

To ensure adequate amount material to complete your quilt, do not pre-wash the fabrics in this kit. When ironing the plush fabrics, it's important to use a pressing cloth. This will protect your iron as well as the textured fabric from being damaged. The finished quilt care instructions recommend to machine wash cold and lay flat to dry.

The Flower Fairies Cuddly Quilt Kit is a beautiful collection of solid, striped, and polka dot fabrics. The dancing flower fairies are featured in the center of the quilt. The textured magenta plush material creates an ultra soft border.

The simple pieced design makes these quilt kits ideal for beginners. The small size and convenience of coordinated fabrics, makes this a quick weekend quilt project for experienced quilters.

Visit the Quilt Kits section to see our complete selection of baby quilt kits.

You'll need to have some basic quilting supplies on hand to complete your baby quilt project, including scissors, quilting pins, seam ripper, sewing machine, and thread. A rotary cutter, cutting mat, and quilt ruler will make cutting your fabrics a breeze!

Visit the Quilting Supplies section of the store to see our selection of supplies for quilt making.

The instructions for finishing the Cuddly Quilt Kit do not include adding a batting layer or steps for binding. You may prefer to finish your quilt using more traditional methods, including batting and binding.

I believe that adding a batting layer will give your finished quilt more warmth and depth, so I recommend this added step.

New to Quilting?'s How to Make a Quilt page is a helpful quilting resource for beginners, with tutorials and helpful tips for making a quilt from start to finish. Bookmark it to use as a ready reference.

Explore a creative selection of easy quilt kits at Weekend Kits and be ready to start quilting on your next Weekend at Home!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beginner Craft Kits Make Learning Easy & Fun!

Learn a New Craft in 2009

The start of a new year is an ideal time to think about learning a new craft. In these tough economic times, many of us are deciding to stay home more often, but it can be a challenge to find productive ways to spend our Weekends at Home. I think you'll find that spending an afternoon learning to create something new is a fun and rewarding way to spend your leisure time at home.

Crafting is a great way to bring family and friends together for a weekend afternoon. Many crafts are relatively inexpensive when compared to bringing the family to an amusement park for the day or even the movies for the afternoon. At Weekend Kits, our goal is to make learning a new craft easy & fun! Our mission is to offer Creative Project Kits for Your Weekends at Home across a variety of craft categories.

You'll find a range of kits appropriate for beginners. Our beginner craft kits include the patterns, materials, and instructions you need to complete your project with confidence. Many kits are complete, with everything you need contained within the kit. Other kits may require you to have a specific tool or supply on hand. Details for each kit are noted within the product description.

Here are just a couple of ideas to get you thinking about your next craft project.

The Scrap Stars Wall Quilt is a complete beginner quilt kit from Rachel's of Greenfield. I highly recommend Rachel's quilt kits for beginners. They include all of the materials you need to complete the wall quilt project, including 100% cotton fabrics for the quilt top, backing, and binding. These kits even include batting!

You also receive complete patterns, illustrated instructions, and quilting designs to finish your quilt. When completed, you'll have a beautiful wall quilt to display in your home or to give as a thoughtful handmade gift.

There's something very memorable about the process of making a quilt, especially your first quilt. You'll remember every stitch fondly and even those frustrating moments with the seam ripper (yes, we all have them) won't seem so bad looking back. Learning to quilt should be a fun experience and complete beginner kits take the guesswork out of choosing patterns and materials.

Visit the Quilt Kits section of the store for details on this kit and other beginner quilt kits.

If you've ever wanted to learn how to hand embroider, but didn't know where to start, here's the perfect beginner craft kit for you.

The Stitch-It Kit by Jenny Hart brings together everything you need to get started! This beginner embroidery kit includes an embroidery hoop, embroidery needle, 7 colors of floss, 2 tea towels, 35 transfer patterns, and a full-color illustrated instruction book. The embroidery patterns in this kit are modern and fun. With easy how-to instructions, you'll be embroidering in no time!

The only thing you'll need to have on hand is a pair of scissors, and most households have a few of these laying around, although they never seem to be there when you need them!

One of the nice things about hand embroidery projects is that they're so portable. You only need a small tote bag and you're ready to stitch wherever you go! They're also a nice way to stay busy while watching your favorite movie or television show.

Visit the Embroidery Kits section of the store to see our complete selection of beginner embroidery kits.

Make sure to visit the Kid's Craft Kits section too. We have a great selection of kits for kid's to learn a new craft. Kid's enjoy spending time being creative and it's even more fun when you have projects to work on together!

Visit Weekend Kits to explore all of our creative craft categories and be ready to learn a new craft on your next Weekend at Home! We'll be adding many new kits in 2009, so be sure to check back often.

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