Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jewelry Making Kits for Teens & Tweens

We're expanding our selection of jewelry making kits for teens & tweens.  Exciting new jewelry kits with up-to-date colors & styles designed to engage older kids in the craft of jewelry making.  Teens & tweens will have fun as they learn to create jewelry that appeals to their own personal sense of fashion.  You'll find them in the Jewelry Making Kits section of the store!

Jewelry Making for Teens

The Shrink Art Jewelry Kit is a fun jewelry making kit from Klutz.  Recommended for ages 12 & up, I gave this kit to my 12-year old daughter to try out and she loved it!  She had a great time creating jewelry pieces that fit her unique "sporty girl" style.

Kit includes a 62-page shrink art jewelry book, shrinky dinks plastic, hundreds of designs to trace, beads, cord, jewelry findings, and more!  The book provides step-by-step instructions & detailed diagrams for creating one-of-a-kind rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

You'll learn the simple steps involved in making shrink art jewelry, including how to trace a design on the shrink plastic, decorate it, cut it out, and shrink it in the oven.  Then, you'll use the supplies in the kit to assemble your shrink art into jewelry pieces.  This is a great jewelry craft kit for teens & adults!

The Bead Loom Bracelets Kit from Klutz will show you how to create beautiful beaded bracelets at home.  Kit includes a 59-page bead loom bracelets book, fold-out bead loom, jewel-tone beads, design sketch paper, beading needles, and floss.

The instruction book is full of beautiful color photographs & detailed diagrams for making boutique-quality bracelets.

This kit comes with a generous supply of seed beads, medium beads, bugle beads, and closure beads.  Enough to make all 7 bracelets shown in the book!  This kit is also recommended for ages 12 & up.

Jewelry Making for Tweens

The Style Me Up! jewelry kits use colors and styles that tweens will love!  These kits are recommended for ages 8 & up.

The Friendship Bracelets Kit includes a double-sided pattern wheel, cotton thread, beads, beading mat, and instruction booklet.

There are 8 different colors of thread and variety of stylish beads included in the kit.  Tweens will learn how to use the pattern wheel to create up to 14 different styles of beaded friendship bracelets.

The Twistable Friendship Bracelets Kit includes 4 colors of wire, 8 colors of cotton thread, a variety of stylish beads, and instruction booklet.  They're friendship bracelets with a creative twist!

Making jewelry is a creative craft activity for kids to do on their own or as a group activity with family & friends.  Visit the Jewelry Making Kits section for details on these kits and to see our complete selection of jewelry making kits for teens and beginners of all ages.

The Weekend Kits craft store offers a unique selection of Creative Craft Kits & Supplies across a variety of Arts & Crafts categories.  Kits make it easy to try out a new craft or learn a new skill.  Stop by today and be ready for a crafty Weekend at Home!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Latch Hook Kits for Kids - Fun Pillow Projects!

You won't want to miss our new selection of latch hook kits designed specially for kids.  Bright colors, modern designs, and easy instructions make these kits a great choice for kids of all ages to enjoy!  You'll find them in the Latch Hook Kits section of the store!

The Heart Latch Hook Pillow Kit from Colorbok includes all the materials kids need to make a soft & fluffy latch hook pillow!

Kit includes a color-coded heart-shaped mesh, pre-cut yarn, latch hook tool, felt pieces, embroidery floss, plastic needle, stuffing, and easy-to-follow instructions.

The felt pieces are pre-punched with holes for easy sew-through assembly using the needle & thread supplied with the kit.  The only extra tool you need to have on hand to complete the latch hook pillow project is a pair of scissors.  Finished pillow size is 12 in x 12 in.

The Flower Latch Hook Pillow Kit features a modern floral design and vivid colors.  A latch hook tool is included and the latch hook rug yarn is pre-cut, so kids will be ready to start latching right away!

This is a fun latch & sew project for kids to do solo or with a friend.   Latch hook kits are crafty gifts to give children and grand children.  Colorbok latch hook pillow kits are recommended for ages 8 & up.

Children love crafting and creating things by hand.  Kids will have have fun making these colorful latch hook pillows and using them as bright additions to their bedroom decor!

The Peace Latch Hook Kit from Caron includes color-coded canvas, pre-cut rug yarn, chart, and easy instructions.

The colorful peace sign is a fun latch hook design for kids & teens.

Finished latch hook rug size is 8 in x 8 in.  The smaller size makes this an ideal latch hook kit for beginners of all ages!

You'll need a latch hook tool for this kit.  After completing the latch hook design,  latch hook rug binding can be used to cover up the exposed outer edges of the canvas mesh, giving your rug a nice finished appearance.

Finished latch hook rugs can be used as decorative wall art or as accent decor for a table or counter top.  Visit the Latch Hook Kits section to see our complete selection of latch hook rug kits for kids, teens, & adults.

Weekend Kits offers a unique variety of creative project kits for all ages and skill levels.  We're continuing to add new craft kits to the store every week, so be sure to check back often and be ready to create something new on your next Weekend at Home!

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