Friday, April 11, 2008

Punch Needles Kits in a Variety of Styles

Weekend Kits carries a variety of Beginner Punch Needle Kits with designs ranging from traditional to modern. You'll find easy punch needle kits from Rachel's of Greenfield, Dimensions, and Jeremiah Junction in the Punch Needle Kits section of the store.

Punch needle is an easy and relaxing Needleart craft that can be adapted to many applications and styles. Finished pieces can be framed for home decor or added to fashion accessories, such as a tote bag or pin. There are a variety of creative and colorful punch needle designs for you to choose from in the store.

Traditional Designs - Apple Tree & Pears

Country Designs - Stoneware Crock and Crow & Sunflower

Modern Designs - Vase of Flowers and Better Latte than Never!

Getting Started in Punch Needle

It's easy to get started in punch needle. Kits include foundation fabric, embroidery floss, and instructions. In some kits, the design will already be printed on the fabric. In other kits, a pattern is provided and you follow directions to transfer the pattern to the fabric.

In addition to the materials provided in the kit, you'll need to have a punch tool and an embroidery hoop. There are several factors to consider when selecting a punch tool and hoop for your punch needle project.

Selecting a Punch Tool

It's important to select a punch tool that holds the correct number of strands of embroidery floss called for by your specific design. The kits in our store are designs that use 2 to 3 strands of embroidery floss.

Once you know the correct size of punch tool, you'll need to consider how much you want to invest. There are varying price levels for punch tools and your decision will depend on your current and long term goals. If you're new to punch needle and not quite sure about it yet, you may want to start with a less expensive tool, allowing you to try it out before spending too much.

On the other hand, if you already know you enjoy punch needle and will do more of it in the future, you will probably want to spend more and invest in a higher quality, precision punch tool for the long term.

Selecting an Embroidery Hoop

You'll want to select an embroidery hoop that is sized to accomodate your entire punch needle design. It should hold the fabric taut so that you can easily work your design with your punch tool. The majority of our kits have designs that work well with a 6 inch diameter hoop. A few of the larger designs call for a 10 inch hoop. The Susan Bates Hoop-La Embroidery Hoop has a ridge on the inner ring that locks over the outer ring to hold your foundation fabric securely in place. These hoops work well for punch needle.

You can find punch tools and embroidery hoops for your punch needle kits in the Punch Needle Supplies section of the store.

Punch Needle Resource

The Dimensions Needlecrafts website offers helpful articles to get you started in punch needle and answers many questions for beginners. Visit the Punch Needle Tips section for advice on threading your needle, how to punch, using a hoop, and more.

Punch needle is gaining new popularity as a creative Needleart craft and it's easy to see why with such a colorful variety of designs. Explore Beginner Punch Needle Kits at Weekend Kits and have fun learning & creating something new on your next Weekend at Home.

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