Friday, June 27, 2008

Country Wall Quilt & Mini Panel Quilt Kits

You'll want to see the new Wall Quilt Kit we have in the Quilt Kits section. It's a country wall hanging quilt from The Whole Country Caboodle. It's called A "Door" A Doodle and it's unique because you can customize it with interchangeable panels to match the season! These easy applique quilt kits include fabric, patterns, and instructions.

You start with the Base Quilt Kit to create the main wall or door quilt. Then, you choose your favorite Mini Panel Quilt Kit. This classic country quilt can be displayed as a decorative wall quilt in your home.

The base quilt can also be personalized with your family name or a welcome greeting and used as a creative door or entry way quilt. You'll be ready for every season with this quilt that can be easily changed throughout the year!

Mini Panel Quilt Kit - Sunflower

This mini quilt is perfect for summer time! The bright sunflower sits on a red, white, and blue flag background. The plaid fabrics used for this quilt add traditional country charm.

Mini Panel Quilt Kit - Star Flower

This mini quilt would be wonderful in spring or to brighten up cool autumn days! A beautiful flower highlights a single star on a background of smaller flowers, stars, and birds. The colors are rich shades of red, green, and blue.

Mini Panel Quilt Kit - Snow Mama

This mini quilt is ideal for the winter holidays! The Snow Mama keeps her young one close by. She's ready for the cold weather in a red holiday dress and green polka dot scarf.

The panel quilts can also be displayed individually as decorative mini wall quilts.

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