Friday, September 12, 2008

Sew Soft Toys with Plush Animal Sewing Kits

You won't want to miss our new selection of Plush Animal Sewing Kits called DIY Fluffies. You'll find them in the Sewing Project Kits section of the store.

They're ready-to-sew project kits for you to create one of these adorable soft plush toys. I'm glad to have these creative kits available now, prior to the holiday season, while there's still plenty of time left to sew!

DIY Fluffies are designed by Mariska Vos-Bolman, the very creative designer and creator of Fluffels.

These sewing kits include a plush animal sewing pattern, soft fleece fabrics, and detailed instructions. There are 3 animal patterns to choose from, including a kitty, a penguin, or a dragon.

Cute Kitty Plush Animal Sewing Kit

The recommended skill level for the Cute Kitty is Easy. It's a suitable sewing project for beginners with some sewing experience.

The finished size of your plush cat will be approx. 10 inches long, just the right size to hold in your lap.

Be forewarned, you won't want to let go of this soft plush kitty once you pick it up!

Cute Penguin Plush Animal Sewing Kit

The recommended skill level for the Cute Penguin is Intermediate. Your finished penguin will stand approx. 7 inches tall.

The pink penguin includes the flower and the black penguin includes the little fish. They just look so sweet together!

Yoki the Dragon Plush Animal Sewing Kit

The recommended skill level for Yoki the Dragon is Advanced. This is an ideal sewing project for someone with sewing experience to make a unique, handmade plush toy.

Your completed dragon will stand approx. 10 inches tall. I think you'll agree that there's just something about Yoki that's hard to resist!

You'll need some basic sewing supplies to complete your plush animal sewing kits, including a sewing machine, stuffing, scissors, needles, thread, and pins. You'll find a nice selection of essential Sewing Supplies in the Kit Tools & Supplies section of the store.

Weekend Kits in Country Living Magazine!

Weekend Kits was mentioned in the September 2008 issue of Country Living magazine! The following excerpt is from the Idea Notebook section on page 36, listed under Creative Sources, Clever Ideas & New Crafting Projects:

"Weekend Crafts, Gather the children and spend a Saturday creating one of the many projects available to order from"

It was very exciting to see our store get noticed in this reputable magazine. Thank you Country Living!

I hope you're inspired by the variety of creative project kits available at Weekend Kits. It's our goal to bring together a unique collection of kits from many different sources. We also strive to offer kits that cover a range of skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Kits make crafting easy, convenient, and fun. Choose a kit today and get ready to create something new and unique on your next Weekend at Home!

Thanks for visiting the Weekend Kits Blog!

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