Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beginner Painting Kits - Perfect for Gift Giving!

We have a new selection of Beginner Painting Kits in the Paint & Draw Art Kits section of the store. Learn to paint with oils, acrylics, or watercolors with quality art kits from Walter Foster!

The Oil Painting Kit is a complete art kit for beginners to learn how to paint with oils. This painting kit contains quality art materials, including oil paints, paintbrushes, wood palette, palette knife, linseed oil, and 40-page guidebook.

The guidebook includes comprehensive instruction with detailed illustrations throughout. Beginners start with oil painting basics, including learning about tools and techniques. Project lessons provide step-by-step guidance throughout the painting process.

Acrylic painting is a relatively new art medium that uses fast drying paints called acrylics. Being water-based, acrylic paints can be easily thinned and cleaned using water.

The Acrylic Painting Kit is an excellent starter kit for learning to paint with acrylics. This beginner painting kit includes a 40-page guidebook, 10 acrylic paints, wooden palette, palette knife, and 2 paintbrushes.

These kits are new releases from Walter Foster, a brand known for quality art products and easy-to-follow art instruction. They include a variety of art projects that can be achieved by following the steps outlined in the guidebook.

The kit contents are very nicely packaged in a hardcover case, making this an ideal art kit for gift giving this holiday season!

There's also a Watercolor Painting Kit for learning how to paint with watercolors. It includes a 40-page guidebook, a set of watercolor paints, paintbrushes, sketching pencil, and travel palette with lid.

You can learn more about Watercolor Painting Techniques by visiting the Walter Foster website. You'll find step-by-step illustrations showing how to paint watercolor washes, special brush techniques, and how to create a variety of effects and textures in your paintings.

Beginner Art Kit for Kids

The Modern Masterpieces Do Art Kit is a Creativity for Kids drawing & painting kit from Faber-Castell.

This art activity kit includes watercolor pencils, paint brush, pre-printed canvas boards, foam mounting boards, pencil sharpener, watercolor paper, color-mixing guide, black marker, double-sided tape, hang tabs, and illustrated instructions.

Kids are natural artists. This kit includes all of the art tools and supplies they need to create their own modern masterpieces at home! Recommended for ages 9 and above.

Visit the Paint & Draw Art Kits section for details on these kits and to see our complete selection of drawing and painting kits for beginners.

Explore a unique selection of creative arts & craft kits at Weekend Kits and be ready to start painting on your next Weekend at Home!

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