Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beginner Quilling Kit — Get Creative with Paper!

We've added a new Paper Craft Kits category to the store.  Our goal is to fill this category with a collection of creative project kits that make paper crafting easy & fun!  We're starting off this section with a nice selection of Quilling Kits from Quilled Creations.

Quilling is a twirled paper art form where strips of paper are curled using a quilling tool and then joined together to create decorative designs. The Beginner Quilling Kit from Quilled Creations is the ultimate starter kit for beginners!

This quilling kit includes all the essential quilling tools, supplies & instructions you need to learn create your own quilled paper art.

Kit includes quilling needle, slotted tool, 1/8" quilling paper, fine-tip tweezers, circle size ruler, craft glue pen, and instruction booklet.

You'll learn basic quilling techniques and follow step-by-step instructions for creating a variety of fun & simple designs for beginner quillers.

A sampler pack of cards, envelopes, and tags are also included for creating your first quilling projects.  Another very nice feature of this kit is that all of the quilling tools & supplies are stored in a convenient organizer case!

The Flower Sampler Quilling Kit includes quilling paper and design instructions for creating a variety of flowers in a rainbow of colors.

Use your finished paper flowers as embellishments for hand made greeting cards, scrapbook pages and other crafty applications.

The basic quilling tools & supplies described above in the Beginner Quilling Kit are required for this kit.

The  Forest Buddies Quilling Kit includes quilling paper, wiggly eyes, and design instructions for creating six adorable forest animals and a woodland tree.

In addition to needing the basic quilling tools & supplies, Quilled Creations recommends the use of a helpful tool called the "Curling Coach" for this kit.

The Curling Coach makes it easier for quillers to hold and roll the large tight circles needed to create these miniature paper animals.

We'll have the Curling Coach in stock soon, so you'll be able to easily add one to your order.

Don't miss the Jungle Buddies Quilling Kit with quilling paper, wiggly eyes, and easy instructions for creating six delightful jungle animals!

Visit the Paper Craft Kits section for complete details on our new quilling kits.  We'll be adding new quilling kits & other paper craft projects soon, so be sure to check back for new product arrivals.

At Weekend Kits, we're always on the look-out for exciting new Art & Craft Kits that help make learning a new craft convenient, easy, and fun for beginners & experienced crafters.  Visit us today and be ready to Get Creative with Paper on your next Weekend at Home!

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