Saturday, April 14, 2012

Klutz Kits for Crafty Kids & Teens

Looking for creative outlets for kids & teens?  Here are three popular Klutz Kits for Crafty Kids & Teens you won't want to miss. Filled with everything kids need to start learning & creating, Klutz craft kits are perfect for weekend & summer craft time.  You'll find them in the Klutz Craft Kits section of the store!

The Klutz Paper Beads Kit is a fun jewelry making kit for kids & teens to learn how to make beautiful beads from strips of paper.

Paper Beads Craft KitThe paper beads book makes it easy with step-by-step instructions & diagrams showing how to make your own colorful paper beads.

Kit includes the paper beads book, precut paper strips, bead winding tool, glass accent beads, stretchy cord, bead glaze, bead drying pedestal & toothpicks.

After making your paper beads, you'll turn them into fun pieces of jewelry wear & share!

The Klutz Paper Fashions Kit is a creative craft kit for kids & teens to design and create their own paper fashion outfits & accessories.

Paper Fashions Craft Kit Kit includes the paper fashions book, patterned & solid papers, easy-to-use outfit stencils, beads & gems, sequins, ribbon & trim, glue, and teeny tiny hangers.

The 60-page paper fashions book provides clear instructions, detailed diagrams, and plenty of inspiration for making and embellishing your own paper fashion styles!

A good pair of precision craft scissors is recommended for cutting out your paper fashions.

The My Fabulous Look Book & Kit is a creative fashion drawing kit for kids & teens to create their own fashion portfolio album.

Fashion Drawing Kit Kit includes fashion drawing book with complete instructions, art-starter drawing pages, color pencils, sparkly stickers, and a portfolio of framed album pages.

The drawing pages have lightly printed outlines of faces, figures, and fashion for you to build on to create your own unique styles.

Learn to draw fashion, makeup, hairstyles, and accessories.  Add your most fabulous finished looks to your look book portfolio!

Visit the Klutz Craft Kits section for details on these kits and to see our complete selection of quality Klutz craft activity kits.

Weekend Kits offers a unique collection of Creative Art & Craft Kits for beginners and experienced crafters.  Crafting is a great outlet for kid, teens, and adults to express their creativity.

There's no right way or wrong way to be creative – there's only YOUR way!  Take a chance and learn something new.  Stop by today and be ready to get creative on next Weekend at Home.

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