Wednesday, March 5, 2014

6 New Kits Added to Today!

You are going to love all the new kits coming soon to! I have been busy ordering up a storm and can't wait to get all the new items posted to the website!
Just today I put up 6 new items in a brand new category called Needle Felting Kits.
Needle Felting Kit Poppies

Needle Felting is a simple craft that produces extraordinary results! Needle Felting uses un-spun wool roving and a special barbed needle to create a wide variety of items.
Some kits come with a foam block or a piece of felt to provide a base for your felting action. Other kits come with a stencil or molded shape to assist you in obtaining a perfectly shaped finished product!

Wool Roving is a long narrow strip of 100% Wool fiber that has been smoothed out but not yet twisted into yarn. The wool roving used in these needle felting kits are dyed bright colors to suit the pattern. The special needles used for needle felting have sharp barbs on the lower end of the needle that when pushed and pulled out of the fibers cause the fibers to bind together or "felt". The agitation and friction of the barbs causes the wool fibers to mat together forming a tight bond.
Needle Felting Kit Penguin

The felting needle compacts the fibers and causes them to compress into a firm shape. The more you poke with the needle, the more compressed the fibers become so it's easy to shape the wool roving. If you don't like how a shape is coming, it's easy to add more wool, pull some off,  or simply poke some more to make the shape what you want! It is a very forgiving craft and quite fun after a long hard day at the office!

You can create many items from this simple needle felting technique including 3 dimensional characters, shaped ornamental pieces, and flat pictorial scenes. 3-D pieces make great ornaments, key fobs, pins, or a small gift for a friend. The shaped ornamental pieces are terrific to hang as ornaments from a key chain, book bag,  or in a sunny window. They brighten any room!
Birds on a Wire Needle Felting Kit
Flat pieces can be framed as a decorative picture or can be sewn (or felted) to another item such as a tote bag, hand bag, knitting bag, or garment.  Let your imagination run free and see what you can do with your needle felted creation! Do use caution though because the needles are sharp!

Explore all 6 Needle Felting Kits that have been added to today including the Poppies Needle Felting Kit, Penguin Needle Felting Kit, Birds on a Wire Needle Felting Kit, Bluebird Needle Felting Kit, Flower Needle Felting Kit, and the (oh so adorable!) Owl Needle Felting Kit. 

More Needle Felting Kits and more Brand New Kits in many other categories will be uploaded almost daily over the next few weeks so check back soon!

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