Saturday, March 29, 2008

Explore Art with Beginner Painting Kits

We recently expanded our Paint & Draw Art Kits category with a new selection of complete beginner painting kits. Creating your own art is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Beginner art kits make it easy to try out different art mediums.

We have 3 new Complete Painting Kits from Reeves that bring together everything you need to get started painting right away. Choose from Acrylics, Oils, or Watercolors.

Beginner Painting Kits from Reeves -

Oil Colour Kit Contents -

You'll also find new Oil Painting by Numbers Kits from Reeves, where you re-create a masterpiece oil painting of your very own.

We have 2 new designs from The Masters Collections by Vincent van Gogh - Starry Night Oil Paint by Numbers Kit and Sunflowers Oil Paint by Numbers Kit.

Paint by number kits make learning how to paint fun and are a great way to spend your time while relaxing at home. When your painting is complete, it will be rewarding to frame & display your art in your home.

Helpful Art Resource for Beginners

Reeves is a well known and trusted manufacturer of high quality art products. They have a new website that is an excellent resource for anyone with the desire to learn how to paint. You'll want to start at the homepage Reeves-Art. In the left-hand column, under the 'Hints and tips' section, there are several links that will take you to a variety of helpful How-To Guides for your chosen media. You'll learn about preparation, color mixing, painting techniques, and more. You can use these guides as an on-line resource or download a pdf version to use off-line.

Make sure to see all of the new Beginner Art Kits at Weekend Kits. Choose from a variety of art mediums and get ready to learn a new skill on your next Weekend at Home.

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