Friday, March 14, 2008

New Cross Stitch Embroidery Kits for Baby!

You'll want to see our new selection of Stamped & Counted Cross Stitch Kits for Baby in the Embroidery Kits section of the store. We have new Baby Bib Kits, Birth Announcement Kits, and Baby Quilt Kits from Dimensions and Bucilla.

If you like jungle themed patterns, you'll enjoy the Safari and Jungle Babies designs. For traditional nursery themes with soft colors, make sure to see Lullaby Friends and Counting Sheep. For modern designs and bright colors, take a look at So Sweet and Snuggle Bunny.

Baby Bib Kits - Bring Smiles to Baby!

The baby bibs are stamped cross stitch. With these kits, the cross stitch design is pre-stamped on pre-quilted baby bibs, ready for you to stitch. You use a chart to select the right colors and simply stitch over the X's marked on the bib.

These easy embroidery kits are ideal for beginners or anyone looking for a quick, creative baby gift to give. You'll really enjoy seeing your finished bibs on baby.

Birth Announcement Kits - Create a Lasting Record of Baby's Birth!

The baby birth announcements are counted cross stitch. For these kits, you read a chart to determine which colors to select and where to stitch them on your fabric. They're called "counted" because you count out the correct number of squares on your fabric to match the pattern shown on your chart.

If you've never tried counted cross stitch, the DMC Techniques page is an excellent resource for beginners. The Cross Stitch Stitching Guide provides clear instructions and diagrams to help you get started with confidence.

Kits make it easy for beginners to give counted cross stitch a try - everything is pre-selected for you - the foundation fabric, embroidery floss, needle, chart, and instructions are all included.

Baby Quilt Kits - Brighten Up Baby's Nursery!

The baby quilt kits are stamped cross stitch, similar to the baby bibs, but on a larger scale. It will be so rewarding to see your finished quilt in baby's nursery.

There are so many fun themed collections for baby. Visit Weekend Kits to choose your favorite design and get ready to create something new for baby on your next Weekend at Home.

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