Friday, August 29, 2008

Beginner Drawing Art Kits - Learn to Draw!

Pencil Drawing Art Kits

There's a new selection of Pencil Drawing Kits from Walter Foster in the Paint & Draw Art Kits section of the store. Learning to sketch and draw is easy with complete art kits that include everything you need to get started. Whether you're interested in drawing people, horses, animals, or you just want to learn general drawing skills, there's an art kit here for you!

Each of the beginner drawing kits shown below includes a 32-page project book that will teach you how to draw your chosen subject matter with pencils. You'll learn basic sketching skills as well as more advanced drawing techniques, including tips for holding the pencil, applying shading, and creating the appearance of depth.

Step-by-step projects will guide you through the process of drawing with helpful instructions and detailed illustrations.

These art kits include all the quality artist's tools and supplies you'll need to get started! You'll receive a generous variety of drawing pencils, blending stumps, tortillons, a sharpener, eraser, sandpaper block, drawing paper, and more, depending on the particular kit. Click the links below for details on each kit's contents.

Drawing People - Beginner Art Kit

Learning to draw people is a challenging yet rewarding artistic skill to master. Capturing the likeness of someone you care about will make it well worth the effort. The Drawing People Art Kit from Walter Foster makes it easy to give it a try!

The step-by-step projects include people of varying ages. This kit includes an anatomical mannequin to guide you through lessons on the human anatomy. Learning to sketch and draw people is easy with this drawing art kit for beginners!

Drawing Horses - Beginner Art Kit

There's something about horses that just makes us want to learn to draw! I remember drawing horses for hours with my sisters when we were young girls. More recently, I've watched both of my daughters do the same. Horses are a captivating subject matter to draw with pencils.

You'll learn to draw different types of horses in varying profiles and in motion. This kit includes a black marker, black watercolor paint, and paintbrush to further enhance your drawings. This is a great art kit for anyone with the desire to learn to draw horses!

The next 2 pencil drawing kits are smaller in format, ideal starter sets for learning to draw and convenient for travel.

Pencil Drawing - Beginner Art Kit

The Pencil Drawing Art Kit teaches you how to draw a variety of subject matters. Learn to draw a sunflower, kitten, house, and more!

This kit includes an artist's triangle to ensure straight lines and correct proportions when needed.

Drawing Animals - Beginner Art Kit

You'll learn to draw a variety of animals with the Drawing Animals Art Kit. The project book includes lessons for drawing 14 animals, including cats, dogs, a kitten, rabbit, giraffe, elephant, and more!

Walter Foster is a trusted brand, known for producing high quality drawing supplies for over 80 years.

Art kits are a creative gift to give any aspiring artist, including yourself! You'll find a great selection of Walter Foster kits at Weekend Kits.

Visit the Paint & Draw Art Kits to see our complete collection of beginner art kits and get ready to learn to draw on your next Weekend at Home!

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