Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flower Crochet & Sparkle Jelly Jewelry Kits for Kids

We have new jewelry kits in the Kid's Craft Kits section of the store. These kits will inspire your child's creativity as they learn new skills and create their own jewelry!

Flower Crochet Jewelry

The Flower Crochet Jewelry Kit from Alex is a fun and colorful kit that teaches kids how to make their own flower jewelry and accessories. This crochet kit includes plenty of yarn in a variety of tropical colors, a crochet hook, plastic needle, beading needle, beads, buttons, silk flowers, and easy instructions.

Making flower jewelry is a great way for kids to learn to crochet. Kids will crochet necklaces, bracelets, rings, and hair accessories. This is a fun craft activity for friends to share during a play date or slumber party. They'll enjoy wearing the fashionable flower jewelry they created together!

A nice feature of this kit is that all of the materials are neatly stored in a decorative carrying case. This also makes it a convenient craft for kids to take on trips.

Alex craft kits are well known for their high quality and creativity. And, you never have to worry about losing your instructions because Alex publishes easy to access instruction sheets for all of their kits on their website. Just visit the Alex site and click on "Product Instructions".

Sparkle Jelly Jewelry

The Jell-loop-de-loops Jewelry Kit from The Bead Shop is a creative jewelry making kit for kids to create sparkle jelly bracelets and rings. This jewelry kit includes glass beads, bracelet wires, ring wire, sparkle tubes, and jewelry pliers - all the jewelry supplies they need to make 36 bracelets and 20 rings!

Your kids will enjoy making bracelets and rings with this kit that includes everything they need. This is an ideal weekend craft kit for your kids to learn a new skill. You'll see their confidence build as they learn to create their own jewelry!

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