Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kid's Fleece Craft Kits - Knot A Quilt & Scarf!

We've added to the Kid's Craft Kits section of the store with 3 new craft activity kits for kids!

The Knot-A-Quilt Kit from Alex is a super easy craft for kids to make a soft fleece quilt. This quilting activity kit includes 48 squares of fringed fleece fabric in 6 bright colors. Kid's will knot the precut fringed squares together into a colorful quilt pattern.

There's no sewing or stuffing required for kids to make this soft and fluffy patchwork blanket. Once they learn how to knot the squares together, they will be able to complete this quilt project all by themselves! Their finished quilt will be approx. 36" x 48".

The Knot-A-Scarf Kit is a fun fleece activity for kids to make a soft and colorful scarf. This easy craft kit includes 4 fleece scarf bands, lots of fleece flowers and fringe, plastic needle, and easy instructions.

Kid's will knot and lace together the precut fleece fabric pieces. There's no knitting or sewing required!

These fleece knotting projects are recommended for children 6 years and above. The Alex website provides an excellent instructional video showing the knotting technique being demonstrated and there are plenty of helpful tips provided throughout. You can view the video by going to the Product Instructions page, finding Knot A Quilt in the list of product names, and clicking on the "Watch Video" icon.

The My First Dress-Up Doll Kit from Creativity for Kids is a fun craft kit for small children, 3 years and above, to make their own soft doll. This kit includes a 13" plush doll, felt dress with matching bloomers, pink slippers, peel & stick felt shapes, "Designed by" clothing tag, and 14 yards each of black, auburn, and blonde yarn.

Little kids will enjoy decorating their doll's dress with the colorful felt shapes. Then, they will choose their doll's hair color from the 3 yarn colors provided. You simply tie the hair in place with ribbons - no sewing and no mess!

Make sure to visit the Kid's Craft Kits section to see our complete selection of craft kits for kids. After finding kits for the kids, explore all of the other creative kit categories at Weekend Kits and be ready for family craft time on your next Weekend at Home!

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