Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Stuffed Animal Latch Hook Kits!

There's a new Latch Hook Kits category at Weekend Kits! Latch hooking is an easy craft to learn and latch hook rug kits make it so easy to get started.

You'll find a fun variety of latch kits, including kits to make these adorable stuffed animal toys. These latch hook "Huggables" are perfect for gift giving this holiday season!

Huggables Stuffed Animal Latch Hook Kits

Make a soft & fluffy stuffed animal with one of these do-it-yourself latch hook kits from MCG Textiles. It's easy to see why they're called Huggables!

Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Latch Hook Kit

You can make this cuddly teddy bear! This latch hook kit includes 3.75-mesh canvas, 100% acrylic pre-cut rug yarn, ribbon, eyes, chart and complete assembly instructions.

You'll need a latch hook tool to complete these rug hooking projects. Latch hooks are available in the store and can be easily added to any latch hook kit order.

The finished size of your bear will be approx. 14" in length. This soft bear would be a wonderful gift to give any young child this holiday season!

Pretty Kitty Stuffed Animal Latch Hook Kit

You'll have fun making this soft playful kitty! The finished size of your kitty will be approx. 12" long.

It's OK if you've never tried latch hooking before because these kits include easy to follow how-to instructions.

You'll learn how to use your latch hook and how to read the color charts.

Penguin Stuffed Animal Latch Hook Kit

This sweet Huggables Penguin is wearing a red felt scarf and ready to play in the snow!

You'll need to have stuffing material on hand when you start the assembly portion of this project.

Latch hooking is a fun craft activity for everyone! It's a creative way to spend a cold winter afternoon. Make some hot chocolate and have a latch hooking party!

You'll find a wide variety of creative craft kits to explore at Weekend Kits. Make sure to visit the new Latch Hook Kits section to see all of our latch hook rug kits and get ready to start latch hooking on your next Weekend at Home!

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